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The Raley’s Companies Focus on Purpose-Driven Growth –Helping Change the Way the World Eats One Plate at a Time

April 22nd, 2024

Regional, independent grocer issues latest impact report highlighting investment in their people, the planet, and the communities it serves

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Today, in honor of Earth Day, The Raley’s Companies (TRC) is releasing its Impact Report. The report shares detailed insight on how the Enterprise is continuing to grow in a way focused on its team members, customers and community. Between 2022 and 2023, the organization donated more than $3 million to local and regional non-profits. 

The report celebrates and shares The Raley’s Companies’ intentional investment in food access, advocating for good, child welfare, education, and sustainability. It provides details on important initiatives — including Raley’s Food for Families, Community ROOT Gardens, and cultural parades and celebrations, among others — that generate meaningful outcomes by delivering nourishing food and promoting healthy lifestyles.

“Our success relies on healthy, prosperous communities,” said Keith Knopf, President and Chief Executive Officer for The Raley’s Companies. “We remain focused on leading by example. This allegiance fuels our commitment to help our team members, customers and communities achieve the fullest potential. As a purpose-driven company, we are dedicated to changing the way the world eats one plate at a time.”

Growing from a single store opening in 1935, The Raley’s Companies now includes brands: Raley’s, Bel Air, Nob Hill, Raley’s One Market, Bashas,’ Food City, AJ’s, Bashas’ Diné Markets, Full Circle, Farm Fresh to You and Fieldera. 

Nourishing People

Recognizing the essential roles that people have in bringing its purpose to life, TRC embraces a philosophy that each team member be their best and true self and takes pride in service excellence. Retaining valued team members occurs, in part, through leadership development programs and educational opportunities that help each person to expand their skills and potential. Some specific examples of TRC’s investments in people include:

  • $475,000 invested in leadership programs throughout 2022 and 2023;
  • 20,000 classroom hours dedicated to leadership development each year;
  • 94% of Store Team Leader positions filled by internal candidates; 48% of team members represent diverse communities, including Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian or Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander;
  • 1,100 of team members have completed at least one leadership program; and 
  • 42% of team members in director-level and higher positions are females, along with 59% of Executive Committee members.

Nourishing the Planet

Natural resources are essential throughout TRC operations, so responsible use of them is a top priority. Raley’s mitigates its climate impact by eliminating food and operational waste, responsible sourcing, supporting humane treatment of animals, reducing energy and emissions, and promoting sustainability in the supply chain. Among TRC’s efforts to nourish the planet, the organization:

  • Recycled 78.4 million pounds of material during the two-year span; 
  • Redirected 17.5 million pounds of food from landfills through its food rescue programs;
  • Sourced 100% of Raley’s, Bashas’ and fieldTRUE private-label eggs from cage-free chickens; and
  • Eliminated 145,000 pounds of plastic produce bags and trash bags annually.

Nourishing Communities

The Raley’s Companies community outreach spans numerous initiatives, but helping to provide food security has been a leading cause throughout the company’s history. In addition to programs addressing hunger needs, TRC acts as a good neighbor by advocating for good and focusing on child welfare, the environment and sustainability, food access, food system education, and total wellness. To support the communities it serves, TRC has: 

  • Raised more than $11.5 million to fight hunger through Raley’s Food For Families;
    • Leveraged its purchasing power to convert monetary donations into food for 2.2 million people each month;
    • Donated $1.7 million in fresh and organic produce to 11 regional food banks;
  • Helped build 15 ROOT Gardens to encourage food literacy and healthy habits; and
  • Sent 100 team members to share healthy foods and lifestyle items at Native American Tribal parades.

“Consistently throughout the years, our organization has remained focused on supporting the communities we serve, especially the food insecure,” said Chelsea Carbahal, Vice President of  Community Impact & Public Affairs for The Raley’s Companies. “Financial and in-kind donations represent a significant share of our giving, but we’re also proud of the impact we’re able to make through unique partnerships, strategic donations, and our own nonprofit, Raley’s Food For Families.”



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